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Custom Pancakes by Panky Doodle, a perfect birthday treat!

One of the perks of Face Painting, is the amazing people you get to connect with as you work. I've had the pleasure to meet some talented people along the way and one of them is Aanchal Gupta. I met her as I was setting up to start face painting for a client and I noticed Aanchal's pancake station. I quickly got busy painting, and was not able to interact much but as soon as I was done painting the kids, I introduced myself and asked for her business card. I invited Aanchal to be part of our online community of Birthday Planning moms of DFW on Facebook and share her service with all the moms in the group. Here is a little bit of Anchal and her her business Panky Doodle.

Let's get to know you better, who is the person behind Panky Doodle?

Behind Panky Doodle is a mom-daughter duo - Aanchal and Ivanka. I bring the Love and warmth of a good meal, a hearty breakfast along with the memories it creates and she brings the smile that started it all. I started making fun shaped pancakes for Ivanka when she turned 4 and the expression on her face always left my heart asking for more. During the pandemic 2020 when the whole world was at a standstill, kids at home and in virtual learning. I knew parents were looking for a way to bring some unique, fun, home delivered smiles that were easy and flavorful. Hence PANKY DOODLE was born.

How long has Panky Doodle been in business?

We delivered our very first custom art cake orders on May 23rd 2020, So we have been in business for little under 2 years. To this date, we have flipped some approximately 9000 pancakes and we will keep flipping more.

I have seen all kinds of designs on your pancakes, what is your design process?

All modesty, growing up I was really really good at tracing anything I laid eyes on. I follow the same process. As Panky Doodle is a combination of heat and art. The pancake batters need to cook and colored batters need to added precisely at the right time. It gets better with practice and time, but until we make the final flip, we still don't know how the actual final product will turn out. Its a euphoric moment every single time I turn the custom art Pancake over and then my daughter evaluates it for color and the actual character resemblance. She is hard to please, so I have to work extra hard.

What are the services that Panky Doodle offers and how can customers reach out to you and place an order?

At Panky doodle we strive to bring your or your family's latest character crush onto your morning table through custom art pancakes, that are delivered right to your home any day, everyday. We even do Live pancake art show, where kids can see and order on-demand characters. The event's music gets taken over by oohh and aahs of kids looking at the final reveal of the pancake. Its the best sound ever! We want every family and kid to experience our fun delicious pancakes . We have various flour options to choose from and take pride in our "HAPPY TUMMY PROMISE" in which we offer Gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Eggless, and Chocolate Chip pancakes to name a few. We even have the option for parents to choose organic vegetable/ fruit extracted food colors if they don't want the regular food colors, just giving them the piece of mind of healthy and fun food choices for their family.

Anyone can place an order easily using our order form(link below) or can press "Start order" on our Facebook page.

Where is Panky Doodle based and how far do you travel to offer your services?

Panky Doodle is based in Allen TX, and we deliver all around Dallas metroplex for a small fee. We offer free pickup from our Allen address and even group delivery discounts or half way pick up points for further areas so families can save on the delivery charges and feel happy about making memories through a fun breakfast meal.

What is your favorite design to make? You're asking which kid is my favorite ? ;) haha. Each and every pancake that we make is a favorite, but we do have client favorites that include: Disney Frozen characters, Start Wars, Among us, Unicorn and Paw Patrol.

Describe a day in the life of Aanchal Gupta

As a mom, my day is actually 25 hour long. I am a mom of 2 feisty, super talented kids and take pride in being a MOMpreneur. My days are mostly spent working on orders and social media marketing to reach more and more families, near and far. Followed by virtual team meetings with my Panky Doodle members. I Pick up kids from school, soccer, gymnastics, singing lessons, cook dinner, put kids to bed and then make next day morning orders late night until 1am-2am. I pack the orders for 5:30am-7:30am deliveries and sometimes head out to deliveries myself. As we are growing, we are adding more delivery areas, routes and drivers.

What advice do you have for other creative entrepreneurs?

I would not say the cliché "believe in yourself" because that's a myth. In business you doubt yourself everyday, you question the decisions everyday; the money and time you're putting looks daunting. So my advice is: enjoy the fear of failing, it will motivate you to work harder. You've taken the most essential step of all: Materializing your passion, giving birth to your brain child. Keep going and doing your best. The Universe and your karma will reward you.


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