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5 Birthday party entertainment ideas and tips

When throwing a kid's birthday party, one of the main goals is to keep the children as entertained and happy as possible. This usually means there has to be some kind of entertainment which a budget needs to be set, ideas need to be explored and planning is crucial. That being said, this could become a little stressful if you don't know where to start. I have gathered 10 of the most popular and successful activities for you to consider when planning your Kid's birthday.

1. Face Painting

This is a crowd pleaser for both children and adults, trust me, this is my field as the owner of KaLiam Party Faces. I have never been to a face painting event where no adults have participated. I get booked as far as 4 and 5 months in advance, so if you decide to bring a Face Painter for your event start reaching out with at least a month in advance. Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a face painter:

  • This type of activity does not fit well with other activities such as a bounce house or water-related activities. Some bounce house companies, will not allow you to have children with their faces painted on their equipment in case it stains it. If you are having a pool party or any kind of water activity, know that face paint does come off with water very easily! You might think this is even silly to mention, but I have been to plenty of birthdays with water slides, pool parties and they genuinely didn't think about the face paint coming off.

2. Balloon Twisting

Another great crowd pleasing activity that goes well with Face Painting. Keep in mind not all face painters do balloon twisting and not all balloon artists do Face Painting. These are two very different skills and some just like to focus on one.

3. Magicians

Children love magicians! before you hire one, you need to know the type of tricks they will be performing to know if its right for your audience age. If you are having you event at home, consider the space you have and the space the magician will need. You can hire magicians in platforms like

4. Spa/ Manicure squad

This is an increasing popular activity for the girls. However, it is important to know who you are hiring. There are companies who do these kinds of activities but they are not certified cosmetologists. You don't need a certified cosmetologist to paint nails, but if there are other things involved like manicures, pedicures and facials it's definitely something to consider. Do your research and read some reviews.

5. Characters

Have you ever seen the reaction of a group of girls when a princess walks in? I have and it's pure magic! You can hire Characters through an entertainment agency of ask for referrals on independent vendors. Some Characters will provide a show: Music, story time, Dance or craft activity. Again, consider the space you will need for your group of kids and the space the actor needs to do his/her job to make arrangements.

In conclusion, when hiring entertainment for your kid's birthday, keep in mind budget, space required, reviews, referrals, safety and age range of your guests. If hiring more than one entertainer, make sure their schedules do not collide or the activity itself does not collide (like face paint and water). Ask other moms what company or entertainer they have used before and start there! that is what we do at my Facebook Group Birthday Planning Moms of DFW

Happy Planning!


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