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Picture consent at birthday parties

CLICK! I snapped a picture if your child after I was done with his face painting. What happens now? Well, only what you allowed me to do. Before the services are rendered, You will receive a copy of my service agreement and this includes a clause where it asks if you consent for pictures to be taken and that they may be posted on social media as a digital portfolio and/or promotions. It also states, that if there is a parent who does not want their picture to be taken, please inform the face painter ahead of time. At the party, I always ask if I can snap a picture of the child, even if it was already authorized on the service agreement, I also like to have verbal confirmation. As a preschool teacher myself, I take child safety very seriously. I've had parents tell me they don't post any pictures of their children on social media and I respect that. (I'm a mommy too) Now this being said, let's talk about why face painters are so eager to take pictures of their work at parties.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Through pictures is how we get hired. Our work is visual and we need to constantly keep updating our portfolio. The future clients want to see current pictures of the artwork we are able to do now, not a picture from a year ago. Face painting is not something we can market by just describing our services, there needs to be evidence, a gallery, and that is why is so important for us to take pictures during the event

Help Us:

Sometimes is hard for us to take pictures because we are so concentrated in our work and sometimes we don't to keep up with time management. If you have hired a face painter, help him/her out by taking a few pictures and tagging them on their social media sites.

Pssst! #kaliampartyfaces (in case you have a picture of my work you want to share) ;-)

The pictures I take will be posted on:

  1. Facebook and Instagram pages

  2. My official website (on the blog or gallery sections)

I hope this post helped clarify any doubts or questions that you had regarding the pictures us face painters take at our client's birthday party. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!


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